lawyer doron levy

Doron Levy

Senior partner and leader of the Tax and Class Action practices of Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. is lawyer Doron Levy. Even before the class action statute was passed, Adv. Levy, who has been involved in a class action for more than 15 years, contributed significantly to the growth of this relatively new area of litigation in Israel.

Adv. Doron Levy has extensive expertise defending clients in class actions for tax-related and non-tax-related claims. Unlike others, he has expertise in representing both sides in class actions. Additionally, his work in this area—including the high-profile class actions he was a part of—has established several precedents that have had a big impact on the general public.

lawyer doron levy

Class Action Law

lawyer doron levy

The Class Actions and Derivatives department, one of the top departments in Israel, brings clients extensive experience and a successful track record that has produced a long line of precedent-setting judgments in both class actions and derivatives. Class and derivative actions are among the firm’s most important pillars. As a result, the firm’s diverse and devoted clientele, which includes banks, insurance firms, well-known public corporations, and many others, has faith in its expertise.

Adv. Doron Levy represents clients in a broad range of matters that arise from class actions and derivative claims, including handling requests to approve derivative claims relating to difficult corporate governance and policy issues, approval of business dealings with stakeholders and controlling shareholders, and challenging D&O issues.