Navigating Retroactive Crypto Tax Calculations | Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Tax Lawyer Doron Levy - Voluntary Disclosure

Join tax expert Doron Levy as he explores the challenges of retroactively calculating taxes for undeclared cryptocurrency income. Adv. Levy discusses the various factors that influence the final tax amount, including currency conversion rates and different tax rates. Through a detailed example, he shows how professional expertise can significantly impact the amount of tax owed, […]

New Voluntary Disclosure Procedure | Tax Lawyer Doron Levy

Tax Lawyer Doron Levy - Voluntary Disclosure

The Attorney General of Israel has authorized the release of a new voluntary disclosure procedure. This procedure allows Israelis who have previously hidden assets and evaded taxes to report their wealth and pay the owed taxes without facing criminal charges. It is particularly pertinent for individuals involved in cryptocurrency trading who have struggled with reporting […]

Decoding Dual Residency Tax Challenges with Lawyer Doron Levy

Israel and UK - tax lawyer Doron Levy

Israeli tax expert Doron Levy provides essential insights into the challenges of dual residency taxation in this video. Exploring a real-life example of an Israeli resident engaging in business activities abroad, Adv. Levy illustrates how this can trigger tax obligations in both Israel and the United Kingdom. During this video, Doron Levy outlines strategies to […]

Residency in International Taxation | Lawyer Doron Levy

Residency: The Key to International Taxation - Lawyer Doron Levy

Explore the fundamental concept of residency in international taxation in Lawyer Doron Levy’s video. Learn about the differences in taxation based on residency status across various countries, focusing on the unique approach of the United States, which taxes its citizens regardless of their location. Gain insights into the implications of residency tests and the contrasting […]

Lawyer Doron Levy: Class Action Explained | Video

Lawyer Doron Levy - Class Action Law

In this video, Lawyer Doron Levy talks about class action lawsuits: “The advantage is that usually, in classic class action lawsuits, the damage caused to every individual member of the group is relatively small, let’s say a few tens or hundreds of shekels worth of damage, a damage that normal people would be unlikely, to file a separate legal […]