IssueWire: Lawyer Doron Levy Advocates Tax Resistance

Lawyer Doron Levy tax

In a press release on IssueWire, Lawyer Doron Levy promotes tax resistance as a means of civil disobedience against governments with objectionable actions. He views tax resistance as a moral stance against supporting such regimes financially and highlights its significance in societies moving from democracy to dictatorship. Levy draws inspiration from historical figures like Thoreau […]

PRLog: Adv. Doron Levy talks about the Israeli tax revenue problem

Adv. Doron Levy - PRLog

The article,¬†published at PRLog, highlights Adv. Doron Levy’s¬†views on the potential consequences of a decrease in tax incomes in Israel. Adv. Levy emphasizes that a decline in tax revenues could reduce government spending, which may impact public services, social welfare programs, and investments in the country’s economy. Levy worried that tax collection would fall short […]