Residency in International Taxation | Lawyer Doron Levy

Residency: The Key to International Taxation - Lawyer Doron Levy

Explore the fundamental concept of residency in international taxation in Lawyer Doron Levy’s video. Learn about the differences in taxation based on residency status across various countries, focusing on the unique approach of the United States, which taxes its citizens regardless of their location. Gain insights into the implications of residency tests and the contrasting […]

IssueWire: Lawyer Doron Levy Advocates Tax Resistance

Lawyer Doron Levy tax

In a press release on IssueWire, Lawyer Doron Levy promotes tax resistance as a means of civil disobedience against governments with objectionable actions. He views tax resistance as a moral stance against supporting such regimes financially and highlights its significance in societies moving from democracy to dictatorship. Levy draws inspiration from historical figures like Thoreau […]

PRLog: Adv. Doron Levy talks about the Israeli tax revenue problem

Adv. Doron Levy - PRLog

The article,¬†published at PRLog, highlights Adv. Doron Levy’s¬†views on the potential consequences of a decrease in tax incomes in Israel. Adv. Levy emphasizes that a decline in tax revenues could reduce government spending, which may impact public services, social welfare programs, and investments in the country’s economy. Levy worried that tax collection would fall short […]