Adv. Doron Levy - PR Fire

“A class action lawsuit is a powerful mechanism”: Adv. Doron Levy on PR Fire

In a recent exploration of the collective strength inherent in class action lawsuits, Adv. Doron Levy, Head of the Class Action Department at Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co., underscores on PR Fire the potency of individuals uniting to seek justice against powerful entities: “A class action lawsuit is a powerful mechanism where individuals unite to represent all those harmed by the actions of a particular entity. In the realm of class actions, cumulative damages, even if seemingly small on an individual level, can amass to substantial sums, providing a compelling case for justice.”

Illustrating the impact of such legal endeavors, Adv. Levy shares a notable example from his experience: “For example, I once filed a class action lawsuit against Israel Electric Corporation for charging an excess of three agorot per kilowatt-hour. While three agorot is a seemingly insignificant amount, cumulatively, it amounted to a staggering 10 billion shekels. This illustrates how even the smallest amounts can lead to significant financial redress when united in a class action lawsuit.”

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